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Donate Camera to Pench Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh

12 Jun, 2024

Donate a Camera to Pench Tiger Reserve Today and Help Uncover the Mystical Beauty of its Jungles

Working tirelessly towards the conservation of its flora and fauna, the Pench Tiger Reserve has now come up with a new initiative that requires your help. As part of its conservation practices, Pench Tiger Reserves plans to capture more unique and otherwise hidden wildlife experiences of its jungles and bring them to the world.

In a recent campaign launched by the tiger reserve, Pench appeals to the people to aid them in their mission by asking them to donate their old but functional digital camera for the cause. This will help the forest guards and the field staff of the tiger reserve to record their experiences among the wild which otherwise may not be documented due to lack of resources. The availability of a camera will make a world of difference in bringing to light events that happen among the silence of the jungle by its staff who witness such things occasionally.

Donate Camera to Pench Tiger Reserve

With an aim to facilitate more efficient conservation practices, Pench Tiger Reserve requests your help for a greater cause.

You can directly approach the Pench Tiger Reserve Management if you wish to donate a digital camera to the tiger reserve on their contact number at: +91 9922951184.

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