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About Pench National Park

History of Pench National Park

Pench National Park is located in the heart of India- Madhya Pradesh and covers a total area of 758 It is located on the southern part of Madhya Pradesh, to be specific, in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara, which also shares a boundary with Maharashtra. An additional area of 257 of this park lies in Maharashtra but is also accessible from Madhya Pradesh. A treasure of rich flora and fauna, this national park has its area segregated in two divisions- a) Priyadarshini National Park and Mowgli Pench Sanctuary which covers an area of 299 and b) 464 which is considered as the buffer area. The national park is named after the river- Pench, which while flowing from north to south, divides the national park in almost equal halves namely eastern and western halves. The park is just not home to wildlife but also to humans. There are 10 villages in and around the park out of which one is inside the park named Fulzari and other nine on the periphery.

Not always a national park, Pench was declared as a sanctuary in 1965 but in 1975, it rose to the status of a National Park. And since it is home to a huge amount of tigers, it was established as a tiger reserve in 1992 and now is working under Project Tiger. Also the beauty of this place has been mentioned in the classic “ The Jungle Book” by the great Rudyard Kipling.



Though Pench National Park looks very similar to the classic tale, it actually is more than that. The national park is home to flora species like Mahua, White Kulu, Salai, Saja, Bijiyasal, Dhaora, Amaltas and many other. Apart from trees, the park is filled with grasslands, plants and saplings.

Pench National Park is a residence of a great variety of wildlife. The place is an abode of real Sher Khans (Bengal Tigers) accompanied by Chital, Jungle Cat, Wolf, Indian Leopard, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Sloth Bear and many other wildlife. Also a great variety of birds like Crow Pheasant, Peafowl, Pintail, Lesser Whistling Teal, Indian Roller, Wagtail, Munia, Waterfowl, Blue Kingfisher, Crimson-Breasted Barbet, Red-Vented Bulbul are found here.

Salient Features

Area :

Buffer : 465.00 sq. km.

Core : 292.85 sq. km.
Total : 757.85 sq. km.

Longitude : 79007’45” E to 79022’30”
Latitude: 21037’N to 21050’30” E
Altitude : 580-675 Mt. Above MSL
Rainfall : 1397 mm

Seasons :

Summer: March-June (Mid)
Monsoon: June (Mid)- September.
Winter: November- February

Temperature :

Maximum: 45 Degree Celsius
Minimum: 12 Degree Celsius

Interesting facts about Pench National park

Travelling to Pench National Park is incomplete without knowing the interesting facts that this place treasures. Surely this place is a paradise for nature lovers but it is also that place which interests explorers.

  • Pench National Park has an area of 758 sq km out of which 299 sq km is covered by Priyadarshini Pench National Park and Mowgli Pench Sanctuary. The remaining area, i.e., 464 sq km of this national park is the buffer area.
  • Since the national park is also the abode of the national animal- Tigers, this park has been included under Project Tiger and hence is a tiger reserve since 1992. Project Tiger is an initiative started by Government of India where protection and conservation of tigers is the primary aim.
  • Though this national park is considered a major part of Madhya Pradesh since it lies in Seoni and Chhindwara district but the park also shares a part of Maharashtra. An additional area of 257 sq km lies in Maharashtra and is accessible from Madhya Pradesh also.
  • BBC found Pench National Park to be the most appropriate location for documenting the behaviour of tigers and 2008, dubbed by Sir David Attenborough, released that documentary titled “ Spy In The Jungle”. After that release,tourism boomed here.
  • We never knew that the classic “The Jungle Book” written by Rudyard Kipling was inspired by Pench National Park.
  • Pench National Park is a residence of a great variety of flora and fauna.

Top Reasons To Visit in Pench

Pench National Park perfectly flaunts its treasure of flora and fauna but what it holds for its visitors is worth a watch. The national park treasures around 1200 species of plants and a great variety of wildlife.

  • 1


    India is home to some of the most beautiful national parks and one of them is Pench National Park. Pench National Park is situated in the heart of India- Madhya Pradesh, hence, it is easily accessible from every part of the country.

  • 2


    Planning a national park visit might act as a money saver for you. Visiting any other destination would have costed you a fortune with the hotel bookings, visiting other famous destinations, but a visit here will give a trip that your family would relish forever.

  • 3


    The national park service had worked day and night and continue to do so to maintain and conserve the endangered species of plants and animals. With a visit here, you get to learn about them and that adds another chapter to your knowledge book.

  • 4


    Every national park adorns a personality which can only be felt when you visit there. A visit to Pench National Park would open those doors which will help you to look at the place with another view.


  • It is compulsory to take an authorised park guide with every tourist vehicle.
  • Obeying the park guide is a must.
  • Lifting of any forest produce, plants or animal article inside the protected area is prohibited.
  • Please do not get down from the vehicle, until the park guide has  asked to.
  • Creating noises by using transistor, tape-recorder or blowing horn or any similar equipment in the protected area is prohibited.
  • Teasing, feeding or chasing wild animals in the protected area is prohibited.
  • Speed limit of every vehicle is 20 kmph in order to ensure the safety of animals. In case of speeding, inform the park management.
  • Use of polythenes is prohibited in the park. Littering is prohibited in the park.
  • Carrying arm and ammunition is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Maintain silence during safari. Shouting, misconduct and indiscipline in the protected area is prohibited.
  • Before entering the protected area, read the rules written on the sign boards at the entry gates.

Wildlife in Pench Tiger Reserve

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