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Safari Timing in Pench National Park

Wildlife Safari Timing in Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench National Park, one of the best places for jungle safari in India knows how to give travellers the best wildlife experiences they have been looking. Gracefully shared between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the park has safari scheduled in the morning, and evening which is different for both the states and are decided by the higher authorities of Pench National Park.

While summers and winters have their different time slots, sunset and sunrise also play quite an important role in the safari timing. As per an important rule, the park opens up 30 minutes before sunrise and closes its door 30 minutes prior to sunset. Besides, the management also changes the timings keeping any VIP visit in mind.

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Pench Safari Timings Madhya Pardesh

Months Morning Evening
Entry Time (AM) Exit Time (AM) Entry Time (PM) Exit Time (PM)
October 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
November 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
December 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
January 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
February 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
March 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
April 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
May 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
June 06.00 11.00 03.00 06.00
July Closed Closed
August Closed Closed
September Closed Closed

Pench Safari Timings Maharastra


1st July – 30th November

1st December 28th/ 29th February

1st March 30th April

1st May 30th june



06:00 Am-08:00 Am

06:30 Am-08:30 Am

06:00 Am-08:00 Am

05:30 Am-07:30 Am


10:30 Am

11:00 Am

10:30 Am

10:00 Am



02:30 Pm-04:30 Pm

02:20 Pm-04:00 Pm

02:30 Pm-04:30 Pm

03:00 Pm-05:00 Pm


06:30 Pm

06:00 Pm

06:30 Pm

07:00 Pm

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