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02 Nov, 2018

Top 10 Weekend Getaways around Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench National Park is the only national park in India which shares its borders with two neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This means the two points of access broadens the spectrum of destinations you can cover while on short weekend trips from Pench National Park. The two gates of Pench National allows us to explore two of the most beautiful states of India. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have some of the most distinct tourist spots and on a visit to Pench National Park, you can experience the best of both the worlds. So, on your next holiday to Pench National Park, you can explore the destinations for weekend getaways around Pench Tiger Reserve. The list is categorised in two parts- one being the destinations that can be accessed from the Madhya Pradesh’ side of the Pench Tiger Reserve and other being accessible from Maharashtra. So, let’s check out the list.

Destinations Near to Madhya Pradesh’ side of Pench Tiger Reserve


Bhedhaghat Tourism

For nature lovers, there is a hidden gem in Madhya Pradesh, 6 hours drive from Pench National Park. Bhedaghat is an exhibition of natural forces creating breathtaking natural sites. Sail on the boat amidst the Narmada river between picturesque rock cliffs or relax near the mini-Niagra Falls, Bhedaghat is one of the best weekend getaways near Pench. A photographer’s paradise, Bhedaghat will be a breath of fresh air on your social media feed.

How to Reach Bhedaghat?

180 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport and railway station to reach Bhedaghat are in Jabalpur, 23 km from Bhedaghat.

Major Tourist Attractions in Bhedaghat

Sailing amidst Narmada River, Mini-Niagra Falls.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

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If you are looking for a wonderful getaway from Pench, the best option available to you is the famous Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. An alternative to Pench Tiger Reserve, Kanha National Park covers an area of 940 sq km featuring some of the most diverse topography. Kanha National Park is believed to be the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling for his Kipling country. Also, one of the most famous Tiger reserves, the park has managed to preserve all the original species that existed 4 decades ago, since inception. Awarded as the best managed national parks in India, Kanha National Park is a hit amongst nature lovers.

How to Reach Kanha National Park?

4-hour road journey from Pench National Park, Jabalpur is the nearest airport for Kanha National Park. The nearest railway station is also in Jabalpur, 175 km from Kanha National Park.

Major Attraction in Kanha National Park

Wildlife trip and Safari is the major attraction of Kanha National Park.


Sanchi StupaDelve into the serenity of one of the oldest Buddhist destinations in India, Sanchi is one of the few surviving remnants of ancient Buddhist monuments. The old stone structure was built by Ashoka in 3rd century BC and the surviving Buddhist monument is an ideal tourist destination to witness the evolution of heritage, culture and literature of Buddhism.

How to Reach Sanchi?

300 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to reach Sanchi is in Bhopal, 30 km from Sanchi. The nearest railway station is in Bhopal.

Major Tourist Attractions in Sanchi

Sanchi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar and The Great Bowl are few of the major tourist attractions in Sanchi.

Destinations Near to Maharashtra’ side of Pench Tiger Reserve


Khekranala TourismA picture-perfect destination for nature lovers, Khekranala is a tiny hamlet nestled amidst the greenery of Khapa range. Hosting a large number of locals and travellers looking to find peace amidst the chaos of their lives, Khekranala has grown on to become a famous offbeat place near Pench National Park. An ideal trekking destination, the area also exhibits a large lake. Set a camp near the lake and relish into the beauty that the Khekranala is.

How to Reach Khekranala?

25 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to Khekernala is Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. The nearest railway station is Sawanga Railway station, 10 km from Khekernala.

Major Tourist Attractions in Khekernala

Khekernala is known to be an ideal trekking destination and it is also known for its water adventure sports.


Ramtek Tourism

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If you are looking for a pilgrimage destination near Pench National Park for short weekend trips around Pench National Park then Ramtek is the place for you. The Rama’s temple in Ramtek is believed to be the historical site where Rama sojourned during his exile. Not just famous for its religious and spiritual value, the temple is an epitome of Indian architecture.

How to Reach Ramtek?

60 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to Ramtek is Soengaon airport, 50 km from Ramtek. The nearest railway station is in Ramtek itself.

Major Tourist Attractions in Ramtek

Jain temple, Khindsi Lake and Waterfall at Totladoh are major tourist spots in Ramtek.


Pachmarhi TourismThe sole hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is an extravagant affair amidst the beauty of nature. Located at an altitude of 1100 meters, Pachmarhi is one of the best weekend getaway options, blessed with a myriad of attractions like naturally formed caves and beautiful monuments. Hike in the hills or rejuvenate near numerous waterfalls in Pachmarhi, the hill station will surprise you at every corner.

How to Reach Panchmarhi?

150 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to reach Panchmarhi is in Bhopal. The nearest railway station is in Pipariya, 45 km from Panchmarhi.

Major Tourist Attractions in Panchmarhi

Bee Falls, Pandava Cave, Jata Shankar Cave and Dhoopgarh are few of major attractions in Panchmarhi.

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National ParkKnown to be a major tourist hotspot amidst wildlife lovers, Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve is the place to relax and rejuvenate amidst the comforts of nature. Home to numerous exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna, Tadoba National Park is a quaint little heaven for wildlife lovers. Take a short weekend trip to Tadoba National Park and delve into the natural habitat of wild animals.

How to Reach Tadoba National Park?

225 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport is in Nagpur, 140 km from Tadoba National Park. The nearest railway station is in Chandrapur, 45 km from Tadoba National Park.

Major Tourist Attractions in Tadoba National Park

Wildlife Safari and Tiger sighting are the major tourist attractions in Tadoba National Park.


ChikhaldaraThe aroma of coffee will engulf you the moment you arrive in Chikhaldara. The only coffee plantation in Maharashtra, the famous tourist destination in Maharashtra, Chikhaldara is the perfect weekend getaway from Pench National Park. A hill station nestled in the mesmerising Western Ghats, the place has everything to help you let off the steam of your daily life.

How to Reach Chikhaldara?

Located 300 km Pench National Park, the nearest airport to Chikhaldara is in Nagpur, 230 km. The nearest railway station is in Amravati, 100 km from Chikhaldara. You can book a taxi or take the public bus from Amravati to reach Chikhaldara.

Major Tourist Attractions in Chikhaldara

Gwaligarh Fort, Bhimkund, Narnala Fort and Muktagiri are the major tourist attractions in Chikhaldara.


LonarAlso referred to as ‘Land of The Crater’, Lonar is famous for its crater lake. Formed around 50,000 years ago due to the collision of a meteorite on the surface, the crater now exhibits a beautiful lake. Known for its serenity and rich natural heritage, Lonar is one of the best places to visit near Pench Tiger Reserve for short weekend trips. The crater lake in Lonar is the only saltwater lake in the basaltic rock in the world, making it an important scientific research spot.

How to Reach Lonar?

Located 400 km from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to Lonar is in Aurangabad, 150 km from Lonar. The nearest railway station is also located in Aurangabad. You can hire a taxi or take a public bus to reach Lonar.

Major Tourist Attractions in Lonar

Lonar Crater Lake, Gomukh Temple and Daitya Sudhan Temple are the major tourist attractions in Lonar.


ShirdiAn ideal pilgrimage weekend getaway from Pench Tiger Reserve, Shirdi is the place to rejuvenate and relax while delving in the divinity and spirituality of Shirdi. A holy pilgrimage destination dedicated to Sai Baba, the temple witnesses hundreds of devotees every day. The temple complex is a picture-perfect place to seek peace while you shed the fatigue of city life.

How to Reach Shirdi?

10-hour drive from Pench National Park, the nearest airport to Shird is in Aurangabad, 130 km from Shirdi. The nearest railway station is in Kopergaon, 15 km from Shirdi.

Major Tourist Attractions in Shirdi

The major tourist attraction in Shirdi is the temple complex dedicated to Sai Baba.

So, have you planned your next trip yet? Don’t think much about it, just pack your bags and explore these gems near Pench Tiger Reserve. Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Writer: Ashwini Kumar Singh

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