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28 Jan, 2022

Pench National Park’s Buffer Zone Becomes the Most Favorite Trail for the Tourists

Pench National Park is becoming a favorite Wildlife destination for the tourists and wildlife Lovers as apart from the core area Tourists are taking keen interest in exploring the buffer zone of the park. The most interesting fact is that Tourists are able to witness unique wild creatures in the buffer area also. The most prominent wildlife species in buffer area are, wild dogs, wolf, Cheetal, Neelgai, jackal, fox, palm civet, jungle cat, hyena etc.  According to a source after thorough investigation there are evidences of Tiger and leopards in the buffer area.

This has increased the arrival of tourists and wildlife lovers from all across the globe for a thrilling Wildlife Safari.  Their visit to Pench National Park is not only stick to wildlife Safari in the buffer area, they are also taking interest in soothing nature trails, night safaris, Machan camping, cycling etc. Since 2021, the count of tourists in the buffer of Pench National Park has been increasing day by day which also gave a wonderful employment chance to the local villagers.

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