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Exclusive Leopard Cat at Pench

30 May, 2024

Sighting an Exclusive Leopard Cat at Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

A stunning and exceptional leopard cat has been sighted in the Pench Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra for the very first time and becoming a reason behind the flourishing of the wildlife tourism industry. This noteworthy observation is the first documentation of the leopard cat's presence in central India.

Witnessing a rare leopard cat in the jungles of Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra is widely known for its exotic flora and fauna all around the world and this time an exceptional leopard cat, scientifically known as Prionailurus Bengalensis is sighted for the first time roaming in the jungle by a senior official of the reserve. The cat belongs to the Felidae family and is getting highly noted for its resemblance to leopards.

The leopard cat’s presence was captured via a camera tapping within the reserve setting as a milestone for central India. The cameras are installed in numerous areas of the reserve but an image of this feline was captured in the vicinity of the Narahar Village of Pench, Nagpur district.

The biodiversity of India boasts around 15 different species of wild cats and the presence of the newly found leopard cat in the Pench region is a great breakthrough in the status of the felid species of India. The eye-catching landscape and astonishing wildlife of the Pench have been a well-liked destination for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts since the new wildlife discoveries.

The Pench Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra covers an area of 740 square kilometres and plays an important role as a vital corridor for the other tiger reserves in the region including Melghat Tiger Reserve, Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve, Pench Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve. The reserve situated close to Pench River is home to ferocious Bengal tigers, leopards, sloths and over 285 species of birds.

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Photo Credit: Times of India

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