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Black Panther Spotted with Mother in Pench Tiger Reserve

29 May, 2024

A Sight to Behold: Black Panther Cub Spotted with Mother

Cruising through the jungles of the Pench Tiger Reserve, a rare surprise awaited the excited tourists, who were thrilled to sight the mother-daughter duo of the beautiful Black Panther with her mother during the safari. Tourists who were out on a wildlife tour of the tiger reserve were simply left enchanted by the sight of Bagheera, the black leopard cub during their visit to Pench, a testament to the wide variety of wildlife that exists in India’s forests.

Black Panthers are leopards who simply adorn a darker coat than regular leopards, caused by a genetic mutation which gives them a higher level of melanin than usual, providing them an elegant appearance and making them stand out. Since, black panthers are formed due to a genetic mutation and are not an entirely different species of their own, they are a rare sight, which is what makes spotting one in the wild so exciting.

Among the major tiger reserves of the country, Pench Tiger Reserve shares itself between the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, and houses animals like the Bengal tiger, leopard, Indian bison, Indian civets, and different antelope and deer species, including chinkara, sambhar, chinkara, chital, and barking deer.

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